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Miles4Hips: Who We Are

Miles4Hips is a patient-driven, collaborative initiative between individuals affected by hip dysplasia and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). The IHDI is the global leader in educational, research, and technological initiatives aimed at prevention, early diagnosis, and innovative treatment options to minimize the long-term impacts of hip dysplasia for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. We are dedicated to raising awareness of adolescent and adult hip dysplasia, supporting the efforts of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), providing information and resources for the adolescent and adult hip dysplasia community, and promoting the enjoyment of movement and miles in all people for healthy hips and minds.


Supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

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Board of Directors

We are an all-volunteer group of hip dysplasia patients and advocates committed to serving individuals whose lives have been affected by hip dysplasia and supporting the mission, vision, and global initiatives of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Shannon Carroll

Shannon is a corporate businesswoman turned stay-at-home mom extraordinaire.  She lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Brent and two kids Gavin (7) and Kat (4).  She enjoys weightlifting, yoga, hiking, travel, the arts, volunteering and spending time with friends & family.

After years of unexplained and unexplored hip, back, and lower extremity pain that she attributed to high impact sports (championship Irish dance), running and “getting older,” Shannon was re-diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2015.  Yes, re-diagnosed.  She was treated in infancy with the 80’s version of the Pavlik harness, triple cloth diapers.  After careful consideration, she underwent bilateral PAO and scopes along with multiple right hip revisions in 2015-2018.  She is thrilled to be starting 2019 with healthy hips and a return to full activity!

Shannon and Nancy always dreamed of running together.  This was backburnered for years due to hip surgeries.  In September 2018, Shannon and Nancy finally had the opportunity to “run” together during Nancy’s Bear100.  The 5 miles they “ran” together in the mountains of Utah were both memorable and inspiring.

Nancy Muir

Nancy is a pediatric physical therapist, post-graduate student, aspiring researcher, and trail runner living and working in Colorado.  When she is not working, studying, or running, Nancy enjoys traveling to spend time with family and friends, snuggling with her special needs kitties, hiking in the mountains, mountain biking, planning her next life adventure, and finding the best coffee and pastry shops wherever her travels take her.

Nancy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2014 at the age of 31.  She had a combined right hip arthroscopy and periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) in early 2015 and had the same combined procedures on her left hip in late 2016.  She most-recently had a left proximal femoral derotation osteotomy for femoral anteversion in late 2019.

Nancy’s favorite Miles4Hips are found on trails.  She has run over 30 marathons and ultra-marathons and appreciates the fact that trail running is a sport where it’s cool to bring your own assistive device (aka her trusty hiking poles).  Even though she is not as fast as she used to be and has to spend WAY more time strengthening and cross-training than she’d prefer to keep her hips spry, she is always on the quest to challenge herself physically and mentally, and enjoys using her adventures to raise awareness and support for hip dysplasia.

To hear more about Nancy’s experiences running with hip dysplasia, her research related to hip dysplasia, or the Miles4Hips journey, listen to her podcast interview at: http://humanpotentialrunning.com/races/ultra-stories-episode-53-nancy-muir-and-running-with-hip-dysplasia/

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