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What are your Miles 4 Hips?  

For patients and their families and friends, hip dysplasia is a journey.  From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation to life after. There are questions asked and relationships established. There is self-assessment of goals and priorities and there are dreams for the future.  Each person’s “miles” look different based on their roles within their family, school, work, and social environments; their passions and interests; and their life ambitions.  No matter where you are at in your journey, we invite you to share your story with us!  

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Support the International Hip Dysplasia Institute!

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) is the global humanitarian leader in the fight against hip dysplasia. They envision a world free from the suffering of hip dysplasia by increasing awareness and prevention, developing new diagnosing technologies and improving the treatment process for those affected by hip dysplasia. One of the goals of Miles4Hips is to raise awareness of the IHDI and to be a primary donor and supporter through individual and group fundraising efforts.

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Videos for Managing Hip Dysplasia

With the holiday season here, take some time to take care of yourself!

Alexa Duckworth Briggs, an adult hip dysplasia patient, sports massage therapist, and running coach in the UK shares many strategies for managing hip dysplasia.  In this series of videos Alexa shares soft tissue release strategies for the posterior chain muscles which include the glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles, massage techniques, gentle stretching and tips for keeping upper back, hands, and wrists healthy and pain-free while using crutches and other assistive devices.

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Emily and Annabelle’s Story

Emily and Annabelle’s family shares their story of how hip dysplasia has affected their lives across generations. They share how they have used their experience to effect change in screening practices in their pediatrician’s office. They hope their awareness efforts will prevent other families from dealing with complications from late diagnosis.

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Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Hip Dysplasia

Carley’s son had open reduction surgery at 6 months old. She shares her top items to bring to the hospital for surgery, top items to have at home after surgery and my favorite things we used to get through this tough time!

“When I learned about Miles4Hips through a Facebook group, I knew I wanted to help and participate in any way that I could. I reached out and I decided to share a little of our story and some lists of the items we thought worked best for us!”…

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