Amy’s Story

Amy is a yoga teacher who was diagnosed with hip and shoulder dysplasia and hypermobility (hEDS). She has used her journeys as a patient as inspiration to specialize in teaching individuals with hypermobility. Visit the video link to meet Amy as she shares her inspiring story about negotiating adversity and pain and using her passion, determination, and gifts to support others through their journeys through yoga.

Amy has an upcoming 3-month hypermobility yoga training program that she will be co-teaching. Visit the information below to learn more about her course and feel free to share with patients, family, friends, or healthcare providers who might be interested in learning more.

Amy will be co-teaching a 3-month Hypermobility program starting April 6, 2021. The program is specifically designed for people with a special interest in hypermobile joints who love yoga but are afraid to try it, or may love yoga but have injured themselves in the past. 

Here is the link to the course as well as the links to 2 podcasts by Susi Hately, the lead teacher interviewing both Amy and Dr. Bluestein.

Course Information: 

*Please note that the course is charged in Canadian Dollars.


Amy says: “As a yoga teacher on the hypermobility spectrum and hip/shoulder dysplasia myself (diagnosed with hEDS), this is very near and dear to my heart.”

Please feel free to contact Amy with any questions: