Meet Jackie!

Jackie is a yoga instructor and future physical therapist.  She shares the story of her dysplasia diagnosis and PAO surgery. Her goal at the end of all of this, is to be able to help others whose lives have been put on hold because of some form injury, and to be able to bring awareness to hip dysplasia to others in the medical community. Click here to read her story!

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Feel Good Friday!

Lessons on Healing

Erin, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares what she has learned through her hip dysplasia journey and her healing process.

Maintaining a Positive Morning Routine

Erin shares strategies for hip dysplasia patients about how to start each day with positivity

What have you learned through your hip dysplasia journey? What helps you start your days off on the right foot? We invite you to share your pictures, videos or experiences and tag @miles4hips@laura.rutterford and @paobuddies on social media.

Thankful Thursday!

Who are you thankful for in your hip dysplasia journey?

We invite you to share your pictures videos or shout outs for your personal champions on social media and tag @miles4hips, @laura.rutterford and @paobuddies on social media.

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We would also like to share some expert patient resources from our website.

Interview with a Caregiver

Claire, an adult hip dysplasia patient, interviews her Mum to learn more about the experience of caregiving for a loved one with hip dysplasia and to provide support for others.

A Letter to Caregivers

Hip dysplasia can be a challenge for patients but also for our caregivers. Erin, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares a touching letter for caregivers on how to navigate this time with loved ones.

Series 3, Episode 1 of the Help For Hip Dysplasia Podcast is out now!

Laura Rutterford is a Physiotherapist out of the UK, and she hosts Help for Hip Dysplasia podcast, which is a podcast for all things hip dysplasia.  Listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast app, or visit the Help for Hip Dysplasia website

We’re kick starting this season on Hip Dysplasia awareness week, brought to you by @miles4hips, @paobuddies and @laura.rutterford. Bringing you lots of great info for Healthy Hips, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.

For this “Don’t Worry Wednesday” Laura released this episode with Ali Tonks, aka @the.hippie.psych Ali is trainee child psychologist and also a fellow hippy. Ali discusses with us some insights in to chronic pain, the research around it and how her work has influenced her hip journey to date. There were some amazing tips to help you manage with your pain, so listen in for those, but what really resonated with me from this discussion was her honesty and the importance of communication. 

Contacts from the episode: UK dial code +44Shout text line: 85258

Samaritans: Call 116123

Versus Arthritis: Call 0800 5200 520