Healthy Hips, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Miles4Hips, PAO Buddies, and Help for Hip Dysplasia are joining together for a collaborative “Healthy Hips, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds” Theme Week from March 22nd – March 28th. We would like to create a video to feature that week where you can inspire and motivate others going through their hip journeys.

We would like to invite everyone from all over the world to join us in creating this video. To participate in this incredible experience, please submit one or more of the following options.

1. Submit a SHORT video talking about the silver lining/positive in your hip dysplasia journey

  • (EXAMPLE) How it is has taught you resilience or that you are stronger than you ever imagined

2. Submit a video reading your favorite quote

  • EXAMPLE) “My scars tell a story. They remind me of when life tried to break me but failed.” 

3. Submit a video of you reading the quote below. We will be splicing peoples’ videos with a different person saying a different word of the quote. The quote we have picked is, “THERE IS ALWAYS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU FIND AT THE END, IT IS WHAT YOU FIND ON THE PATH THERE.”

Please send videos to by March 5, 2021.

If you have questions please email