Hip dysplasia patients often have many questions about conservative/non-operative management, “pre-hab” (therapy before surgery), “rehab” (therapy after surgery), and how to maintain healthy hips throughout life.  This section of our website aims to address some of those questions and provide some answers.

If you have questions about therapy, rehabilitation, or general strategies to achieve and maintain strong, healthy hips, please email us at miles4hips @gmail.com and we will work to find and share the answers.

Physical Therapy FAQ – Everything you wanted to know to get the most out of physical therapy

Scar Massage

Stretching for Individuals with Hip Dysplasia

Upper Body Muscle Releases for Crutch Users

Self-Massage Techniques

Running with Hip Dysplasia: Basic Considerations

Running with Hip Dysplasia: Preparatory Exercises

Soft Tissue Work for the “Posterior Chain,” Including the Calves, Hamstrings, and Glutes

Guided Muscle Tour