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At Miles4Hips we believe that patients have the right and the responsibility to be active participants in their medical care.  We aim to meet the information needs of patients by providing accurate, unbiased, reliable information about hip dysplasia, diagnosis, treatment options, surgical care, rehabilitation, and prognosis/outcomes.  We believe that when patients are educated and informed they can more effectively collaborate with their medical providers to make sure that they receive the best treatment plan of care for them.

We are early in our development, but please check back later this spring as we start to add information to this site.  In particular, please visit this page for information regarding:

  • Hip dysplasia 101
  • Information on how to find a surgeon and questions to ask
  • Co-morbidities
  • Diagnostic imaging/radiographic measurements
  • Treatment options
  • Rehabilitation
  • Other health concerns, including mental health, nutrition, and physical activity

Additionally, in the future we will be working to develop informational resources for the community and non-expert healthcare providers, and template rehab protocols and informational handouts for surgeons to share with patients and families.

As we are working to develop material, please feel free to reach out to us if you have an area of expertise and would like to contribute to this material or if you have suggestions for additional information that would be helpful for patients or surgeons, please email us at