Leap Into Action Move-A-Thon for Kids’ Hip Health With I’m A HIPpy

I’m A HIPpy is a grassroots organization from British Columbia powered by a community who are passionate about Hip Dysplasia and children’s hip health. Founded in 2016, I’m A HIPpy is a community of doctors, nurses, researchers, patients, families and volunteers, all committed to working towards a world free from the burden of Hip Dysplasia and other paediatric hip conditions.

In celebration of the first International Hip Health Day, I’m A HIPpy presents the first annual Leap Into Action Move-a-thon for Kids’ Hip Health. 

On May 29 and 30, we’d like to invite you to walk, run, or ride (your treadmill or stationary bike counts!) to help reduce the burden of Hip Dysplasia, Perthes, and other hip disorders.  We are challenging our HIPpy community in BC and beyond to join this 2-day virtual move-a-thon. The clock starts at 7am on May 29th, and ends at 5pm on May 30th.

Collectively, let’s raise $20,000 and move 300km for the future of kids’ hip health!

Click here for more information and to register!

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