At Miles4Hips we believe that hip dysplasia is not a sentence for a lifetime of physical limitations and pain. We believe that individualized, timely, and appropriate diagnosis and intervention can allow individuals with hip dysplasia to live active, healthy lives.

When patients, parents, community members, and non-expert healthcare providers are aware of hip dysplasia, prevention efforts can be increased, and diagnosis can be made earlier and more consistently so that babies, children, adolescents, and adults can get the treatment they need.

By creating awareness of this diagnosis; supporting the education, research, and technological efforts of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute; and encouraging collaboration between patients, healthcare providers, funding agencies, and researchers, we hope that more cases of hip dysplasia will be prevented or diagnosed and treated earlier.

Through our Miles4Hips advocacy and awareness events we have, to date, raised over $14,000 for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  But our work isn’t over.  Please consider joining some of our worldwide efforts to help spread awareness and help change the lives of those affected by hip dysplasia.

Day of Movement 2020 - Get Ready!

Hoodies for Hippies - Winter 2019

Miles4Hips, International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Day of Movement 2019

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