Our Journeys

For patients and their families and friends, hip dysplasia is a journey.  From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation to life after. There are questions asked and relationships established. There is self-assessment of goals and priorities and there are dreams for the future.  Each person’s “miles” look different based on their roles within their family, school, work, and social environments; their passions and interests; and their life ambitions.  But they all lay the path forward.  Here, patients, families, caregivers, and friends share their hip dysplasia story.  Get ready to be INSPIRED!

What are your Miles 4 Hips?  No matter where you are at in your journey, we invite you to share your story with us.  Please email your story and pictures to miles4hips@gmail.com.

Want to read more hip dysplasia stories?  Check out the IHDI’s Patient Stories page: https://hipdysplasia.org/patient-stories/

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