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For patients and their families and friends, hip dysplasia is a journey.  From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation to life after. There are questions asked and relationships established. There is self-assessment of goals and priorities and there are dreams for the future.  Each person’s “miles” look different based on their roles within their family, school, work, and social environments; their passions and interests; and their life ambitions.  But they all lay the path forward.  Here, patients, families, caregivers, and friends share their hip dysplasia story.  Get ready to be inspired!

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Alexa’s Story

Alexa is a long-time supporter and contributor to Miles4Hips. As a running coach and massage therapist, she has created many patient resources related to rehabilitation and return-to-running. Alexa is also a Miles4Hips Champion and has created advocacy and awareness, as well as additional fundraising for the IHDI.

Amy’s Story

Amy is a yoga teacher who was diagnosed with hip and shoulder dysplasia and hypermobility (hEDS). Watch her video to hear her story and how she now uses her journey to teach others with hypermobility how to safely and freely enjoy yoga.

Andrea’s Story

Andrea, an active adult diagnosed with hip dysplasia, shares a video story of her PAO surgeries and how she has overcome complications and challenges from them. Andrea shares advice and inspiration for other patients going through hip dysplasia.

Ashley’s Story

Miles4Hips board member Ashley shares her story of perseverance in the face of 24 hip surgeries, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, complications, infections, the loss of her hip and 1/3 of her proximal femur. She does not let this get in the way of her life, and has found a love of adaptive sports including skiing and wheelchair racing.

Audrey’s Story

Audrey’s Mom, Whitney, shares their family’s story about their joyful and fearless daughter, who experienced a late hip dysplasia diagnosis and talks about how they negotiated her treatment and recovery.

Betsy’s Story

Betsy Miller is a hip dysplasia advocate and has written several books related to hip dysplasia. She was treated as an infant and recently had hip replacement. Betsy shares lessons she learned along the way.

Carter-Marie’s Story

Carter-Marie shares her inspiring story of striving for life as a normal teenager while navigating the challenges of hip dysplasia and arthrogryposis.

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea from the UK shares her journey of diagnosis and undergoing Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (Birmingham Interlocking Pelvic Osteotomy) surgery and hardware removal on both hips.  She also completed her Master’s Degree at a top UK university during this time.

Cianna’s Story

Cianna, a teen hip dysplasia patient and dancer, shares her story of injury, diagnosis, and preparations for her first PAO surgery. Plus she caught her labral tear on video and shares it in her story – OUCH!!! We can’t wait to follow her return to dancing after surgery!!!

Claire’s Story

Claire is an athlete, musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist, and hip dysplasia patient in the UK who is also a hip dysplasia advocate and valuable contributor to Miles4Hips.

Connie’s Story

Connie, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares her journey through multiple hip surgeries, including arthroscopies and a PAO surgery, and how she came to accept having 2 hip replacements in her early 40s.

Emily’s Story

An adult hip patient shares her story about being treated in infancy for hip dysplasia, undergoing a PAO as a young adult, and the lessons she has learned through her experiences

Emily and Annabelle’s Story

Emily and Annabelle’s family shares their story of how hip dysplasia has affected their lives across generations. They share how they have used their experience to effect change in screening practices in their pediatrician’s office. They hope their awareness efforts will prevent other families from dealing with complications from late diagnosis.

Erin’s Story

An adult hip dysplasia patient shares her poignant story about undergoing PAO and labral reconstruction surgeries and the many lessons as she returned to her roles as mother, wife, harpist, and grand adventurer.

Gemma & Michaela’s Story

Gemma tells the story of her family’s and her daughter’s Michaela’s treatment of hip dysplasia as a babies.

Grace’s Story

Grace, a teenage hip dysplasia patient and avid dancer, shares how she has maintained positivity in light of her diagnosis and PAO surgeries.

Hannah’s Story

Jackie’s Story

Jackie is a yoga instructor and future physical therapist.  She shares the story of her dysplasia diagnosis and PAO surgery.

Jeanna’s Story

Jeanna shares her experience as the Mom of a child with a late diagnosis of hip dysplasia, as well as the blog she has written to support other parents going through this experience.

Kaitlynn’s Story

Kaitlynn, an ortho/trauma nurse and dance/gymnastics teacher shares her experience of being diagnosed with hip dysplasia, undergoing a PAO at age 30 (at a children’s hospital!), and her optimism for returning to dance.

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn, an avid softball player, shares her story of perseverance. Four surgeries in four years including three hip arthroscopies, and her recent PAO during the COVID pandemic.

Keely’s Story

Keely, a young adult hip dysplasia patient and mastermind behind the 2020 “Pass the Crutch” video shares her complicated journey to get a proper diagnosis and preparations for her future surgery.

Kelli’s Story

Kelli, a hip dysplasia patient, nurse, and yoga enthusiast, shares her life-long story of hip dysplasia, including being treated as a child, undergoing a PAO as a college student in 1994, and having a total hip replacement in 2013.

Laura’s Story

A musical theatre actor shares her story about being diagnosed with hip dysplasia, undergoing PAO surgery, and working towards her great comeback

Lauren’s Story

Lauren shares her inspiring story of overcoming adversity, starting as a tiny baby in the NICU, and continuing through childhood and teenage years filled with orthopedic surgeries. Lauren is in college and dreams of serving others by becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Leah’s Story

Lenox’s Story

Lenox, a hip dysplasia patient and advocate, shares how early diagnosis and treatment in infancy (and some miracles along the way) have allowed her to enjoy healthy hips

Lenox and Peyton’s Story

Peyton shares sweet words about her dear friend, Lenox, who has overcome hip dysplasia

Linda’s Story

Linda, an adult hip dysplasia patient and illustrator, shares her story of complex hip dysplasia diagnosis and treatment and how she has used her experience to support others through development of her Adult Hip Dysplasia Rehab Strategies group

Mariah’s Story

Mariah shares her story of growing up with pain and limited function due to hip dysplasia. She provides detailed accounts of her 9 (yes, 9!) hip surgeries and how she has overcome adversity.

Marie-Christine’s Story

Marie-Christine shares the story of her hip dysplasia journey, and the importance of learning to navigate the healthcare system and advocate for herself.

Marisol’s Story

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MaryBeth’s Story

An American aerial dancer shares her story about being diagnosed with hip dysplasia while living abroad and undergoing 2 PAO surgeries in Denmark

Olivia’s Story

Olivia’s Mom, Angela, was the designer of our 2019 “Hope for Hips” Day of Movement tee shirts. Read her story about their hip dysplasia journey here.

Paige’s Story

Paige shares her challenges of dealing with hip dysplasia, pain, surgeries, and recoveries as a teenager. She talks about learning to not be ashamed of her scars and how she has found healing in some unexpected places.

Sara’s Story

Sara shares her multi-year journey of seeking answers for her chronic hip pain in hopes that her story and advocacy will help other patients receive earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Sarah and Hannah’s Story

Sarah shares her story of supporting her baby, Hannah, through hip dysplasia while finding out about her OWN hip dysplasia diagnosis

Sydney’s Story

Sydney tells the story of her diagnosis, PAO surgery and recovery as a teen. She also shares her insights into how her journey has changed and inspired her. “I hope to inspire others to get through this no matter how hard it is because if you can get through this, you can get through almost anything!”

Toby’s Story

Toby’s Mom, April, shares her experience as a parent helping her child through his hip dysplasia diagnosis and femoral osteotomy surgery

What are your Miles 4 Hips?  No matter where you are at in your journey, we invite you to share your story with us.  Please email your story and pictures to miles4hips@gmail.com.

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