You’ve been waiting, and here it is! “Pass the Crutch 2020”

SO excited to share this! Many special thanks to:

  • Keely from Ohio (US) for coming up with this INCREDIBLE idea
  • Bronagh from Ireland, who compiled the individual videos into this beautifully edited masterpiece
  • And to the 70+ hip patients who joined from all over the world to build community, help raise awareness for hip dysplasia, and share in a little fun!!!!

Meet Keely!

Keely, a young adult hip dysplasia patient who shares her complicated journey to get a proper diagnosis and preparations for her future surgery. Keely is the mastermind behind the 2020 “Pass the Crutch” video and we are so grateful for her creativity, passion, and for helping to create hip dysplasia awarness! Stay tuned, “Pass the Crutch” will be revealed TOMORROW!!!