Don’t Worry Wednesday

We recognize the impact that hip dysplasia can have, not just on physical health, but also on mental health, and we would like to share a few resources from our website.

Navigating the Mental Health Aspects of a Hip Dysplasia Diagnosis: Insights from an Expert Patient and Parent

Danielle, an adult hip dysplasia patient and mother of two teenage girls with hip dysplasia, shares the mental triumphs and challenges of hip dysplasia.

The Impact of Hip Dysplasia on Quality of Life and Psychosocial Well-Being: an Article Review

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute reports that individuals with hip dysplasia see an average of 3 healthcare providers and have symptoms for over 5 years before getting an accurate diagnosis. This article provides a summary of a study by Tina Gambling and Andrew Long (2019) that explores how developmental dysplasia of the hip impacts quality of life and overall psycho-social well-being of individuals.

Tasty Tuesday!

Nicole Giumarra is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in Sports Nutrition, Wellness and Disordered Eating. She enjoys helping athletes and individuals make peace with food while fueling their body to optimize health and performance.  Nicole has hip dysplasia and had PAO surgery in 2016. Since then she has run marathons and ultramarathons, and she is currently training for an Ironman distance triathlon.

In honor of Tasty Tuesday, Nicole has shared some of her favorite recipes to help build back strength and energy following hip surgery!  (Recipe Source: LivingPlate)

To learn more about Nicole and the services she provides, please visit her website at: Nicole Giumarra, MS, RDN – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Bakersfield

Do you have questions about nutrition and its role in surgery recovery?

Check out our great resource on nutrition written by Claire, who is a physiotherapist in the UK.  She goes over nutrition basics, the effects of surgery on our body, and some recommendations to help prepare and recover from surgery.

Healthy Hips, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Miles4Hips, PAO Buddies, and Help for Hip Dysplasia are joining together for “Healthy Hips, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Week” from March 22 to March 28.

It will be a fun week full of inspiration, motivation and information!

3/22 Monday Motivations, reflecting on our silver linings.

3/23 Tasty Tuesdays, featuring nutrition information and some tasty recipes!

3/24 Don’t Worry Wednesday, sharing mental health resources.

3/25 Thankful Thursday, showing thanks to our loved ones that have helped us in this journey.

3/26 Feel Good Friday, motivation and inspiration!

3/27 Social Support Saturday with PAO Buddies

3/28 Sunday Funday, Laura Rutterford of Help for Hip Dysplasia will host a hip friendly pilates class live on Instagram at 6pm BST, 1pm Eastern and 10 am Pacific.

Follow @miles4hips @laura.rutterford and @paobuddies for more information!

Can You Help Us Develop a Hip Surgery Journal?

We are looking for patients to help us with developing a hip surgery journal.

A guided journal provides users with simple prompts to allow self-reflection and guide action. A hip surgery guided journal would allow the user to chronicle their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences with their hip surgery experience, from diagnosis through recovery. It would also provide helpful lists and resources for people having hip surgery and would provide places to write questions, take notes, and record major milestones along their journey.

We are looking to see if this is something patients would be interested in and are interested in getting feedback about what patients would want included in a guided journal if one was created.

If you are interested in helping or learning more, please click on this survey link:

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea from the UK shares her journey of diagnosis and undergoing Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (Birmingham Interlocking Pelvic Osteotomy) surgery and hardware removal on both hips. She also completed her Master’s Degree at a top UK university during this time! Read her story at:

Visit for more stories, and email us at if you would like to share your story.

The First M4H Event: The Bear 100

Do you know how Miles4Hips got started?

It began with Nancy’s dream of running a 100 mile race after having both left and right PAO surgeries. In September, 2018, she completed The Bear 100, running from Logan, Utah to Fish Haven, Idaho in just under 33 hours. But even better, between the support of her incredible crew/pace team (all individuals whose lives have been affected by hip dysplasia) and the support of family, friends, and the hip dysplasia and PAO support communities, they were able to raise over $5000 for the IHDI!

With the support and encouragement of IHDI and some passionate and determined hip dysplasia advocates and friends, we decided to continue to develop the Miles4Hips initiative. Learn about our first event “The Bear 100” and read the blog posts at

Help For Hip Dysplasia Podcast – PAO Buddies

On a recent Help for Hip Dysplasia Podcast Laura chatted with Sydney Steinberg, founder of PAO Buddies. From Sydney’s dysplasia experience, she quickly recognised the value of having someone to talk to that had a similar story, hobbies and at a similar stage of their journey. Sydney has been able to  give others the opportunity to have this same support by matching people on PAO buddies. Visit for more information.

Laura Rutterford is a Physiotherapist out of the UK, and she hosts Help for Hip Dysplasia podcast, which is a podcast for all things hip dysplasia.  Listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast app, or visit the Help for Hip Dysplasia website at the following link.

Sydney also shared her story with Miles4Hips, read her story at 

Meet Our New Board Members!

We would like to welcome our new Miles4Hips board members!  Mary Strehl is our new Volunteer Coordinator, Ariel Berwald as our Junior Board Member, Jonathon Ashkin as our Marketing Advisor and Melissa Arnold as our Social Relations Coordinator.  Meet our board members by visiting us at

We are always looking for volunteers, and if you would like to get involved email us at