Whether you are looking to manage your hip dysplasia conservatively or surgically, a physical therapist (PT) can be an extremely valuable member of your medical care team. Here are answers to common questions and some tips to get the most out of your physical therapy experience.

How can a physical therapist help me?

Are all physical therapists the same?

What do all of those letters mean after the physical therapist’s name?

I sometimes see other letters after a physical therapist’s name. What do these letters mean?

Do I need a referral to go to physical therapy?

What kinds of things are important to consider when finding a PT?

So how do I even begin to find a PT?

What do I do if I have limits on insurance visits?

What do I do if my PT has never heard of hip dysplasia or the surgery I had?

How do I know if physical therapy is working?

What do I do if I feel like physical therapy isn’t working?

Author: Nancy Muir, PT, DPT, PCS