Miles4Hips is hosting our first annual Virtual 5K and Day of Movement to kick off Hip Dysplasia Awareness month on June 8, 2019. The goals of the Miles4Hips Virtual 5K will be to promote community, raise awareness of hip dysplasia, and to support the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) in their efforts to improve hip dysplasia education, research, and innovation.

What is a virtual 5K?

A Virtual 5K is a distance event that can be done anytime and anywhere. Participants register for the event online and choose the time and place for their participation.

While 5Ks are traditionally done running or walking, the goal of this virtual 5K is to create awareness and encourage movement for healthy hips and minds by individuals with hip dysplasia and their medical providers, friends, and families. Movement of all kinds is encouraged; run, walk, bike, hike it, row, or swim. Push a stroller, walk a dog, propel a wheelchair, crutch, plant some flowers, do yoga in the park, or have a dance party. Do your miles solo, get friends and family to join you, or find a local Miles4Hips Virtual 5K meet-up. All miles and all activity counts!

What if I physically can’t do the 5K all at once?

It’s a virtual event! Feel free to complete it in smaller increments throughout the day. Or over the weekend. Or over the week. Or over the month.  Do what you can and how you can.  The goal is to raise awareness and promote healthy hips!

What if I physically can’t do the 5K at all?

Do you have friends or family who want to complete the distance for you? Organize a route so they can go past your home so you can cheer them on from your windows or your driveway!

Why a Virtual 5K and not a formal 5K run/walk race?

A couple of key reasons:

The flexibility of a virtual 5K will maximize participation. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or where you are at in your hip dysplasia journey. We want to be all-inclusive and get as many people participating as possible! The more people we get involved, the more awareness we can generate in our communities and, ultimately, around the world!

Actual 5Ks can be quite expensive to put on. The costs of street closures, sound systems, tee-shirts, awards, food/drinks, parking, port-a-potties (you know you want those!) all add up quickly. The IHDI has embarked on a campaign to raise $3 million to support a variety of educational, research, and innovation initiatives aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infants, children, and adults with hip dysplasia. By minimizing the costs through a virtual 5K we can maximize the amount of financial support we raise for the IHDI.

What kind of “swag” do I get?

Race participants always want to know about the “race swag.” This is a low-key, no-frills event. That said, our “Hope for Hips” official team shirt is awesome and is a great way to promote this event, support the IHDI, raise hip dysplasia awareness, and generate a sense of community (be on the look out for information about our tee shirt design competition!) While not a formal part of the event, we encourage people to participate in this event with a group of family, friends, and/or other individuals who have experiences with hip dysplasia and highly recommend following your local miles with a picnic, potluck, or meal out together. Because races (even virtual ones) should end with food and drinks and celebration!

How much does it cost to participate?

Tee shirts and registration are $20, but we certainly welcome donations of any amount.  100% of all proceeds go directly to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

What is the deadline for registration?

In order to make sure we have time to have tee-shirts printed and delivered before the race date, we need anyone who WANTS a tee-shirt to register between Monday, April 1, 2019 and Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Cool idea! How do I sign up?

Click here to purchase a shirt/register and/or make a donation:

Hmmmm? That’s weird.

Custom ink is a tee-shirt design site, but they have also helped us set up a fundraising site. The proceeds from each tee-shirt go directly to IHDI at the end of the fundraising campaign and tee-shirts ordered will go direct to you. Even if you do not want a tee-shirt, you can go on our fundraising site and make a $10 donation. This will serve as your registration fee and %100 of this donation will go directly to IHDI.

What if I live outside the USA?

We want to make this a global event and hope that our fellow hip dysplasia patients, friends, families, and advocates from all over the world will get involved (because how cool will it be to have people all out promoting hip dysplasia awareness on the same day?!?!)  Unfortunately, however, Custom Ink doesn’t ship tee shirts outside the USA.  If you live outside the United States and would like a tee shirt, please register through one of the websites at the $10 cost to participate without a shirt.  We will happily share the template for the shirt design with you so that you can get one printed locally if you’d like.

I’d like to organize a Miles4Hips Virtual 5K group in my area. How can I get involved?

Send us an email to with your name and local event details (time, meeting location, type of event (walk, run, hike, etc?), and any additional details (pre/post-race plans, etc) that you would like to share. We will organize a site where people can look for a local group to participate with.

How do you plan to complete YOUR miles?

We want to hear from YOU! Share a picture and paragraph about why you are putting on these miles and how you plan to complete them (email to We will be highlighting individual stories and personal goals of participants throughout the weeks and months leading up to the big event. And of course we want to share everyone’s success stories after! Keep them rolling in!!!