Miles4Hips Virtual 5K Tee Shirt Design Competition

What is it?

Miles4Hips is a patient-driven collaborative aimed at supporting individuals with hip dysplasia and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  We are hosting our inaugural event, a Virtual 5K, on 6/8/19 and hope you all will join.  Since every race should have an awesome race shirt, we are inviting the hip dysplasia community to share your talents in designing our race tee shirt.

Cool!  How can I participate?

We are using Custom Ink as our design site.  You can create a tee shirt using a variety of designs they already have or by creating your own custom design and uploading it to their site:

Once you have designed your shirt, please save and email us the link:

Are there any specific requirements/”rules?”

  • Designs should be one color. We will be offering a variety of tee shirt styles and colors so designs will be printed in white.

Sample Shirts:

(Although not from a Miles4Hips event, this is an example of what a custom design could look like):

(And another one from the original Miles4Hips event, including front and back):

 (front)   (back)

  • All tee shirts much include the IHDI logo and the Miles4Hips logo (the Miles4Hips logo will be printed in white and gold and the IHDI logo will be printed in white).

IHDI Logo: 

Miles4Hips Logo:

  • You may include designs on the front and back, but no sleeves (this adds quite a bit of money).
  • Keep in mind that Miles4Hips and the IHDI support patients of all ages and undergoing different management for hip dysplasia, so the goal of the tee shirt design will be to reflect all of this (and not just one particular treatment such as an infant harness or PAO surgery, etc.). Get creative!!!!

When do I need to submit my design by?

Please submit your design to us no later than 3/24/19/.  We will invite everyone at that time to vote on their favorite design.  The winner will get a free tee shirt and free race registration.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Happy Designing!!!!