We are eager to get anyone and everyone involved who wants to support the IHDI and the hip dysplasia patients, caregivers, and friends; raise awareness; and build community.

Miles4Hips is all about meeting the information needs of the adolescent and adult hip dysplasia patients, building community, creating awareness, and supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Some ways to get involved may include:

  • Participating in our annual Day of Movement during June, Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month
  • Contributing to our patient resources aimed to provide accurate, unbiased information about hip dysplasia for patients, families, community members, and non-expert medical providers.
  • Developing an individual or group Miles4Hips fundraising initiative – the sky is the limit! What are your passions and talents? How can you use them to raise awareness about hip dysplasia and support the IHDI? We want to help by providing a forum to share your story, spreading word about your initiative, and creating a fundraising link to help achieve your goals.
  • Supporting the organizational needs of Miles4Hips. We are always looking for people with experience in graphic design, communications, fundraising, website design, etc to assist us with ongoing development of this initiative.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at miles4hips@gmail.com or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram